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  • Surface treatment

    Treating surfaces has been a core competency for more than 140 years. Our global services range from everything from surface preparation to paint jobs and repairs.

Surface treatment as a core service

We have a highly skilled unit that helps customers with a large range of various on-site surface treatment services. We can handle any given assignment, from simple to complex, from surface preparation to a full surface painting.


  • Surface preparation

    We make sure your components and constructions are treated correctly and according to industry standards. Ensuring that the surface is well prepared is essential for further surface treatment to prolong the product's lifespan. We cover surface preparation from conventional dry abrasive blasting to UHP water jetting and combined WET blasting.

  • Painting

    Painting is an important way of making sure to maximize the lifespan of the components and constructions. With our long history in the paint industry, we are experienced in painting almost any component or surface.

    We also inspect and carry out paint-related maintenance tasks and we are trained in all application methods, such as spray, automatic, roller and brush application.

  • Paint halls

    We have three different paint facilities across Europe; Nederlands, United Kingdom and Germany, provided with agile equipment suitable for any type of paint tasks.

  • Thermal spray

    Enhance and improve the performance of your components with thermal spray coating. By treating components, you protect them from heat and cold.

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